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12 January 2018

#NailCraziesUnite: Gold Snowflakes

Today is the beginning of another year long nail art challenge.

The first challenge was gold snowflakes;


Base Polish: Avon - Sapphired Up
Stamping Polish: Models Own - Chrome Gold
Stamping Plate: Beauty Big Bang 13

30 November 2017

Swatch: Avon - Stardust Cherry Dazzler

Colour: Pink
Finish: Textured / Fine Glitter
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Slightly Flattened
How Much? 12ml

29 November 2017

Nails: Top 5 Winter Polishes 2017

Today I thought I would share my five polish picks for Winter 2017. I did a similar post last year which you can see here if you like.

A England - In Robe and Crown // Avon - Opalescent // Barry M - Blue Jade // Ciate - Cabaret // W7 - Metallic Mercury

Index | Avon - Opal Top Coat
Middle | A England - In Robe and Crown
Ring | Barry M - Blue Jade
Little | Ciate - Cabaret
Thumb | W7 - Metallic Mercury

Avon - Opalescent - I chose this one as it is something a little different to the traditional glitter polishes you would expect at this time of year. It is a chunky flakie polish, which I like layered over a black base.

A England - In Robe and Crown - This is a stunning aubergine holographic polish, deep but interesting which again is something a bit special.

Barry M - Blue Jade - A new addition to my collection, this isn't anything spectacular as with the previous two, however this is a dusky blue shade which isn't vivid and in your face as some blue polishes. This one would be great for winter sweater nails.

Ciate - Cabaret again along the same lines as Blue Jade, this one is a deep purple but not too dark that it just looks black. This again would look good with winter nail art or even a glitter gradient.

W7 - Metallic Mercury, I chose this one as it is a glass flecked duochrome. Recently Nails Inc has brought out some 'Dirty Unicorn' polishes and I think this one is a dupe for one of those, Rainbow Hooves. My photo is dated (2013) and doesn't really show the colour change.

16 April 2017

Nails: Top 5 Spring Polishes 2017

Barry M - Cotton // Barry M - Holographic Lights // Avon - Lilac Love // Nails Inc - Star Street // Barry M - Dragon Fruit

Spring actually began a few weeks ago so I am a little late in doing this post, but after missing last year I thought it would still be good to share my picks for 2017. You can see my picks from 2013 here, 2014 here and 2015 here. Of course you don't need these specific brands and colours but something along these lines are very Spring appropriate, if that is what you are looking for.

Barry M - Cotton

Barry M - Holographic Lights

Avon - Lilac Love

Nails Inc - Star Street

Barry M - Dragon Fruit

31 March 2017

3 March 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Mixed Tape Mani

To create these nails I used some standard nail art striping tape as well as a chevron tape to create the ruffles.

Nails Inc - St. Alban's Grove
Avon - Frosted Peach

Striping Tape
Chevron Tape