7 June 2014

Stamping Plate: MoYou - 101

Recently MoYou have really started to re-brand. I have used the brand before and have purchased plates from them before, you can see those reviews herehere and here. This plate was sent for reviewing purposes, which won't effect my opinion.


As you can see the plates come in a cellophane package and have a blue plastic layer to protect the plate in transit. The plates are fully backed as well with the website address, this is useful as it also means no sharp edges.


 Below is the images stamped on to white paper. They all stamped well other than the eyes on the left of the photo, this seems to be a problem with me not being quick enough at stamping though rather than a problem with the plate. These are quirky designs and something different from the floral and filigree patterns typically found on plates.


On to the nails which I have done using MoYou 101:

Green Eye Gradient

Owl Nails

Evil Eyes

MoYou 101 retails at £4.99


  1. The face nails are really funky with all the different expressions! I love the other designs as well, you make it look really easy - I'm thinking of getting stamping as the designs it creates are amazing. :)

    1. You can get all kinds of different looks from stamping plates :)


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