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25 May 2014

Sunday Stamping: Butterflies

Various butterflies.


Base Polish: Sally Hansen - Delphinium
Glitter Polish: Flash Nails - Bubble Bath
Stamping Polish: MoYou Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plates Used: 
Thumb - M78
Index - M40
Middle - Bundle Monster 222
Ring - Konad M21
Little - M08

22 February 2014

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 222 (BM222)


This stamping plate is from the second Bundle Monster set, from 2011. It is backed with branded lining to stop it from being sharp. 


Finally a plate to review from this set which isn't all french tips! This plate has four full nail designs and two standard image designs. All of these stamped well and I like the pumpkin the best, its cute!

25 December 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 12 - Christmas

Theme this week was Christmas. I'd been wanting to try out the gingerbread man design.

Stamping Plate: BM222

18 October 2011

Nails: Red Roses

Base: NYX - Dorothy
Stamping Polish: Stargazer - Chrome
Stamping Plate: BM14