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17 December 2017

15 February 2017

Nails: Grey Knit

Winter is just over half way done here in the northern hemisphere, time to celebrate with knitted nails!


Base Polish: Essie - Cocktail Bling
Stamping Polish: OPI - Livin in the Gray
Stamping Plate: Messy Mansion 40


4 October 2016

Nails: Bronze Knit

Base Polish: Leighton Denny - Who Are You Wearing?
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plate: Messy Mansion 40

3mm Round Studs painted with Ebalay Rose Gold 004

10 December 2015

Nails: Purple Knit


Base: Nails Inc - Palace Terrace Gardens
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Plum
Stamping Plate: Messy Mansion - M40

4mm Silver Studs (painted with Barry M - Plum)

14 March 2015

Stamping Plate: Messy Mansion M40

Messy-Mansion-40-MM40-Knit-Wool-Sweater-Jumper-Stamping-Plate-review Messy-Mansion-40-MM40-Knit-Wool-Sweater-Jumper-Stamping-Plate-review

Messy Mansion is an Australian brand created by Julia. As soon as I saw freehand knitted nails I wanted to try them, however they would involve quite a lot of effort. Something which I probably couldn't do with my non-dominant hand. Long story short I thought stamping would be easier, then I saw this plate and had to get it.

The stamping plate is larger than your typical round stamping plates, measuring in at 7cm whereas Bundle Monster plates are 5.5cm across. They are the same size as the Nail Craze stamping plates. The plate isn't backed with paper but the metal has been finished so it shouldn't cut you.

Messy-Mansion-40-MM40-Knit-Wool-Sweater-Jumper-Stamping-Plate-review Messy-Mansion-40-MM40-Knit-Wool-Sweater-Jumper-Stamping-Plate-review

Image plate 40 has three full nail images and 12 single images on it. The plate is well engraved and all of the images stamp really crisp and clear.

Here are some nails I have done using this plate, to see more click here.

4 January 2015

31 Day Challenge: Happiness

Other than getting my index finger covered in acetone this does make me smile. The knitted stamping plate I used is really what makes me happy, as soon as I got it I knew there was hundreds of ways I could use it.


Base Polishes: Nails Inc - New York Noir, Barry M - Bikini
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Blue Plum (Blackberry)
Stamping Plate: Messy Mansion 40