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21 October 2021

Halloween Nails: Patchwork

Black Polish | Barry M - Black Forest
Purple Polish | Barry M - Palma Violet
Flakie Polish | Painted Polish - Right as Rainbows
Pink Polish | Barry M - Cranberry
Orange Polish | Barry M - Ginger
Stamping Polish | Nicole Diary - Black
Stamping Plate | What's Up Nails - Creepin It Real B023
Matte Polish | George - Matte Topcoat


28 October 2020

Halloween Nails: Orange Spiderwebs

I had seen this design on instagram, annabean1983 completely inspired these nails.

Base PolishBarry M - Ginger
Holo Topcoat | HITS - Hefesto Holografico
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 002
Stamping Plate | Born Pretty Store L078


6 October 2020

Halloween Nails: Holographic Orange

Last month Rainbow Connection sold Uberchic's If You've Got it Haunt it, a bright orange holographic polish. I was tempted but remembered I've a topcoat to turn any polish holographic. These didn't turn out too bad but I think using Barry M Mango would have made the base brighter as with the Uberchic.

Base Polish | Barry M - Ginger
Holo Topcoat | HITS - Hefesto Holografico


3 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Yellow, Gold, Beige

Seeing it is almost the end of 2018 it is time for my annual nail polish battle. I find it interesting to look back over the year at the new polishes I have gotten and seeing which ones are my favourites.

So since last years nail polish battle I have 63 new nail polishes which is 10 more than last year.. Oops! Today I am looking at yellow, gold and beige ones.

China Glaze - Werk It Honey! // OPI - Gift of Gold Never Gets Old // ELF - Glamour Girl // Barry M - Sunburst // Barry M - Ginger // A England - Briarwood

The first thing was to work out my top three;

China Glaze - Werk It Honey is a almost opaque in one coat, not something I would wear as is but something I have gotten quite a lot of wear from in the form of nail art this year.

Barry M - Sunburst, is a peach holographic polish. Originally when I saw this release I decided I didn't need it, however once I had seen it in store I changed my mind because it would be unique to my collection.

And the winner is, A England - Briarwood! I chose this as the winner as it is darker than the others, something I have been wearing recently and it is a beautiful autumnal holographic polish.


17 September 2018

Barry M - Autumn 2018 - Gelly Polishes

As soon as I saw Barry M had released some new gelly polishes I knew I had to get them.

All of them have a slight autumnal feel to them and they are unique within the entire gelly range. I have compared each of them to similar ones in their individual posts.


Swatch-Barry-M-Spearmint-Gelly-Autumn-2018 Swatch-Barry-M-Ginger-Gelly-Autumn-2018
Rhubarb // Nutmeg
Swatch-Barry-M-Rhubarb-Gelly-Autumn-2018 Swatch-Barry-M-Nutmeg-Gelly-Autumn-2018