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4 June 2015

Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge: Plaid + Orange, Red, Teal

These nails seemed to take hours to do. I used striping tape to get the teal and red lines and had to wait until each stripe had fully dried before going on with the next line.

Tartan-Plaid-Nails-Nail-Art-Striping Tape

Polishes Used:
Nails Inc - New York Noir
ELF - Party Peach
Ciate - Dangerous Affair
La Femme - Mint Cream

White Striping Tape

3 March 2015

Nails: Black Opals


Nails Inc - New York Noir
3mm Opalescent Studs - Born Pretty Store

30 January 2015

31 Day Challenge: Something You've Not Tried

I have tried a lot of things when it comes to nails, however up until this point I hadn't tried accent cuticles;


Nails Inc - New York Noir
Jacava - Vanilla Slice

3mm Opalescent Studs

11 January 2015

31 Day Challenge: Reversed Polarities


Base Polishes:
Nails Inc - New York Noir
Calvin Klein - Silver Streak

Stamping Polishes:
Barry M - Silver Foil Effect
MoYou Nails - Special Nail Polish - Black

Opalescent 3mm Studs - Born Pretty Store

4 January 2015

31 Day Challenge: Happiness

Other than getting my index finger covered in acetone this does make me smile. The knitted stamping plate I used is really what makes me happy, as soon as I got it I knew there was hundreds of ways I could use it.


Base Polishes: Nails Inc - New York Noir, Barry M - Bikini
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Blue Plum (Blackberry)
Stamping Plate: Messy Mansion 40

3 January 2015

31 Day Challenge: Waterspotting

I really don't like these nails, so much so I left cuticle oil on for the photo which I rarely do. I struggle with water marbling, and water spotting is a very similar technique. I didn't have any spray hand sanitiser, not sure if you can get it in the UK? I tried hairspray which didn't work. In the end I used acetone on an paintbrush to flick on to the water.

Base Polish: La Femme - Passion
Black Polish: Nails Inc - New York Noir

23 December 2014

Nail Polish Battle 2014: Top Three!

These are the top polishes of 2014, if you want to see what won in 2013 then you can here, and if you are really interested you can see what won in 2012 here.

Leighton Denny - Opaque Elegance // Barry M - Silver Foil Effect // A England - Encore Margot

claires-dizzy-neon-glitter-topper-polish Nails-Inc-Optic-Wave-swatch-Colgate-Max-White-One 
Claire's - Dizzy // Nails Inc - Optic Wave // Jacava - Red Velvet 

Swatch-OPI-Do-You-Have-This-Color-InStock-HolmNordic-Collection  swatch-OPI-Alcatraz-Rocks-Textured-Polish
OPI - Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm? // W7 - Twilight // OPI - Alcatraz Rocks

Nails Inc - New York Noir

-- -- -- --

From the top ten polishes I chose my top three;

3) OPI - Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm? - This purple is a gorgeous cream finish polish, it looks vibrant in the bottle but translates to the nails quite a bit darker. 

2) Nails Inc - New York Noir - This polish is a one coat black cream finish polish. It is great to wear alone, or as a base. I also found that I could use this to stamp with. Something which I have gotten a lot of use from during 2014.

1) W7 - Twilight - Meaning that Twilight is my favorite nail polish of 2014, I did struggle to choose between this and the black however the black wasn't special enough to win. This is a purple to navy (with a slight lean to pink) glass flecked duochrome polish, which works on it's own or over a dark base. I liked this polish so much I used it to create a 'dragons egg'. It is dark and magical and that is what I really like.