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26 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Purples

As I have so many purples I've broken this down to two parts

Barry M - Berry Ice Cream, Color Club - Pucciliscious, Ylim Mood - #15, China Glaze - Grape Pop, Barry M - Dusky Mauve, Miss Sporty - 330, Max Factor - Meteorite  ELF - Party Purple, ELF - Royal Purple, Barry M - Indigo

Cutting those down to three was not an easy task! A vibrant lilac, creamy, neon Pucci-Liscious. Dusky Mauve which is a really nice polish at first glance its a bit of a boring greige but it as this purple shimmer running through it. makes it special.

Barry M Indigo wins hands down, it's very vibrant and always perks me up while I am wearing it.

Second half of the purples...
Stargazer - Purple Chrome, Ciaté - Wait After Dark, Barry M - Blackberry, Stargazer - 161, No.7 - Violetta, OPI - Honk if you Love OPI, Rimmel - Hard Edged, Models Own - Purple Mystique, Rimmel - Night Before, ELF - Plum, Orly - Fowl Play, NYX - Purple Ink, ELF - Party Purple, ELF - Dark Purple Glitter, OPI - Nevermore

Got those purples down to four and added in the Indigo from before.

Final three are Barry M - Indigo, Orly - Fowl Play and NYX - Purple Ink

And finally the winner is, NYX! Very difficult to choose, ended up with this as Fowl Play is a flakie which stunning but I prefer something a little more versatile. The NYX can be worn alone or with nail art so that's why it got picked.

25 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Reds

Another day, another battle! This time it is red polishes.

 Eyeko - Saucy, ELF - Light Red, Miss Sporty - 160, ELF - Medium Red, ELF - Cranberry, Barry M - Raspberry, Kleancolor - Metallic Red, ELF - Red Velvet, Sleek - Royalty  ELF - Dark Red, OPI - Sanguine, No.7 - Damson Dreams,  Eyeko - Vampira, OPI - William Tell Me About OPI

First off the top four are such a wide range of shades, which will make the next battle really difficult! ELF - Light Red is a prime colour, so simple. Barry M - Raspberry is a really lovely colour difficult to know where to place it red or a pink?

Barry M Raspberry and Eyeko Vampira made it through the round. Vampira is a very blackened red with red glitter throughout the polish.

I could have easily brought both in to the final but alas Eyeko Vampira made it on its own, purely because its a blackened polish and I have a leaning towards darker shades.

24 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Blues

Battle of the blues, so many blues to choose from!

Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream, Collection 2000 - Electric Dreams, Essence - Let's Get Lost, MUA - Smurf Blue, Barry M - Chameleon Blue, Stargazer - Blue Chrome, Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction, Models Own - True Blue, Barry M - Retro Blue, Barry M - Blue Plum Gelly, Max Factor - Odyssey  Kleancolor - Metallic Blue, Sleek - Oxford, Sinful Colors - Hot Spot, OPI - Road House Blues, Eyeko - Cosmic, No.7 - Betty Blues, ELF - Navy, MUA - Navy

Cutting down all of those polishes to just four wasn't too difficult, Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream is such a nice cream base polish perfect for nail art. Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction is quite a unique periwinkle blue, shame it smells really weird.

Making the final two are Barry M and OPI. The Blue Plum is just so rich of a colour and covers in just one coat.

And the winner is... Road House Blues! It's just more of a colder navy compared to the Barry M. Something very wearable, plenty of polish in there (15ml) and the brush makes application so easy.

23 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Silver / Grey

Second post in this series and today we are looking at all the silvers and grey polishes, which wins?

Primark - Glo Baby Glo, Stargazer - Silver Chrome, George - Witchcraft, Miss Sporty - 420, ELF - Metal Madness, Revlon - Steel Me, OPI - My Private Jet, Models Own - Gunmetal

These were my top two of the grey / silvers, Metal Madness is a lovely silver polish with a whole load of almost holo glitter packed in. Gunmetal is a perfect metal polish without being a cream, chrome or a shimmer polish.

And the winner is Models Own Gunmetal!

22 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Black

Not sure this introduction is really needed but I am doing a series of posts to find out which polishes are the best in my 'collection' as of 2012. This as the title suggests is BATTLE OF THE BLACK, I am actually suprised at how few black polishes I have.

Models Own - Black / Red, OPI - Obscurity  No 7 - Beautifully Black, Barry M - Black Multi Glitter, W7 - Black, ELF - Black


I really struggled to choose my favourite polish from the bunch. The Barry M is really nice, good formula and has a stunning holo packed in there. Then we have W7 Black which is a really good coverage polish, as a bonus it is amazing for stamping as well as straight polishing. Which is why I am putting both through in to the next round.