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6 December 2023

Nail Polish Battle 2023: Orange, Yellow, Gold

This past year I have added nine polishes in to this category;

This wasn't too difficult to choose my favourite three as I don't really enjoy wearing gold polishes.

In third place is Claim to Fame, a warm cream polish somewhere between an orange and yellow;

Second place is In the Conservatory, a terracotta much deeper cream shade;

Which makes Sunflower the winner, it is another cream mid yellow to orange shade. It is something I wanted to wear compared to other typical yellow shades.


11 August 2023

Nail Polish Swatch: Orly - Connect the Dots (Pop! Summer 2022)

Colour | Neon Peach
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats
How Much | 18ml
Brush Type | Paddle
Collection | Summer 2022 Pop!
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
Other | 12 Free
Purchased From | Gift


26 June 2023

Nails: Top 5 Summer Polishes 2023

Summer Solstice was last Wednesday and so I should get around to sharing my top summer polishes for 2023. These are the polishes from my collection I will be reaching for more often.

If you are interested you can see my summer picks for 2022 here2021 here2020 here2019 here2018 here2017 here2015 here and 2014 here.

Orly Plastic Jungle - A vivid green cream colour, opaque in two coats. Also very hard to photograph accurately.

Orly Connect the Dots - A warm almost neon peach cream, surprised at how much I liked this one. Bright and summery in two coats.

Nails Inc Baker Street - A classic within the nail polish realm, cream two coater mid blue. A similar blue would be Barry M Blue Guava.

Emily de Molly Rock Solid - The flakie of my picks, a blue base with blue purple iridescent flakes.

Tonic Polish Jinx - Finally is Jinx a very holographic silver polish, two coats and has a very clear rainbow flair reflection to it.


3 June 2023

Polishes Worn: May 2023

I Scream Nails Holo Be Thy Name // Emily de Molly Cosmic Love // Orly Connect the Dots // Orly Synthetic Symphony

Barry M Cherry Pie // Orly Mystic Jelly // Emily de Molly Isolate // Barry M Pumpkin

Baroness X Specter // Orly Rinse and Repeat // Orly Claim to Fame // A England Van Helsing


8 May 2023

19 March 2023

Nail Art: Happy Mother's Day

Thumb Polish | Orly - Check Yes or No
Index Finger Polish | Orly - Oh Darling
Middle Finger Polish | OPI - Feelin' Berry Glam
Ring Finger | Orly - Connect the Dots
Little Finger Polish | Orly - Meet Cute
Topper Polish | Fun Lacquer - Amethyst
Text Stamping Polish | MoYou - Stamping Polish Black
Floral Stamping PolishMoYou - Stamping Polish Black
Floral Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary L01