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12 October 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Flakies

I have shown Magma a few times recently, however it is autumn in a flakie polish. Along with that one this past year I was on the hunt for a blue purple flakie, eventually I got one from Polish Me Silly.

Polish Me Silly Glow Girl // Fancy Gloss Magma


5 October 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Autumn Toppers

Looking at my toppers and these two are what I would choose for Autumn, all are flakies!



30 December 2020

Nail Polish Battle 2020: Winner!

Finally I am reaching the end of the 2020 battle!

The last round we ended up with the top three polishes, Jinx, Magma and Eclipse;

For me the first polish to eliminate was Jinx, it is a stunning polish, strong holographic silver.

Choosing between the top two polishes was very difficult! In the end coming in at number two was Magma, I like all of the different autumnal colours the flakies show. Only came second because it is a topper rather than a polish you can wear as is.


Which means that the winner of 2020 nail polish battle is ILNP Eclipse. I think it was the first of a kind with its multichrome deep red pigment. It is incredibly distracting when wearing it as it changes colours in different lights, and different finger positions. 2020 was a year that called for distraction and that is why Eclipse won.



28 December 2020

Nail Polish Battle 2020: Top 3

Having completed all of the seven colour categories the following polishes won each round;

Tonic - Jinx // UberChic - If You've Got it Haunt it // Barry M - French Rose // Fancy Gloss - Magma // Danglefoot - The First Avenger // ILNP - Eclipse // UberChic - Say Boo and Scary On

Harder to chose my top three as they were all already up there in favourite tier. Jinx is a very holographic silver polish and the other two are both darker shifty duochromes.

Tonic - Jinx // Fancy Gloss - Magma // ILNP - Eclipse


12 December 2020

Nail Polish Battle 2020: Glitter and Flakies

NeVerMind - Slendy // Painted Polish - Blue Jean Baby // Dystopia - Couldn't Miss This One This Year // OPI - Let's Celebrate // OPI - Born to Sparkle // Fancy Gloss - Magma // Femme Fatale - Weird Sisters

I found coming up with my top three difficult, which is surprising given I don't like glitter. Slendy is particularly unique to my collection and I was surprised by how much I liked it. The following made it in to the top three.

Weird Sister is quite a unique polish, a thermal that goes from black to clear with added glitters. I haven't owned a thermal that goes clear prior to this.


In second place, Couldn't Miss This One This Year which again is a very unique polish to me. Everyone has heard of thermal changing polishes whereas this one actually changes colour in direct sunlight. Blue to purple colour change packed with flakies.


Which means the winner is Magma, which is a flakie topper. The colour shifts in this duochrome is stunning, all of the autumnal colours in a polish. Also it looks great with a matte topcoat.



6 October 2020

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Toppers for Autumn

Autumn calls for flakies, and flakies that are matte. Fancy Gloss Magma is a nice autumnal one, has all of the colours leaves go in autumn. Nail Pop Sequin is another orange based flakie, similar to Magma but without so many colours leans more to the green side of the spectrum.



25 September 2020

Swatch: Fancy Gloss - Magma

Magma is a duochrome flakie topcoat polish, I have shown it over black below as well as matte because flakies always look good mattified. It is a perfect autumnal / fall flakie polish.

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Red, Yellow, Orange
Finish | Duochrome Flakie Topper
Opacity | One Coat shown over black
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 15ml

[Outdoors, No Flash]