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18 March 2021

Nails: Top 5 Spring Polishes 2021

On Saturday it will be the Spring equinox, and so I'm sharing my Spring 2021 nail polish picks.

I have done this type of post before which you can see 2020 here2019 here2018 here2017 here2015 here and 2014 here.

You don't need these specific polishes, but these are ones that I want to reach for during Spring. I seem to have gone for all pastel polishes this year.

Rose Hip is a very light pink cream shade which is pink enough not to just look white.

Huckleberry is a light blue shade, lighter than a Tiffany blue and again blue enough to to look white.

Girls Best Friend is a light lilac cream polish good in two coats.

Alpine Snow has to be my favourite white polish, opaque in two coats which is great for a white.

Sheer Lemon is my final choice, a light yellow polish which despite its name isn't sheer.


8 January 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: OPI - Turn On The Northern Lights (Iceland 2017 Collection)

[Outdoors, No Flash]

Colour | Dark Purple
Finish | Fuchsia Shimmer
Opacity | Two Coats Shown - could have done with a third
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 15ml
Collection | Iceland 2017

This is similar to China Glaze Sleeping Under The Stars, however that is slightly lighter and leans more blue than purple.

[Indoors, Flash]


22 December 2020

Topic Tuesday: Quintessential Festive Polish

Red polishes are quintessential festive polishes for me. For cream polishes I like OPI Adam Said... and for a metallic I like Leighton Denny Be My Berry.



21 December 2020

Nails: Top 5 Winter Polishes 2020

As today is Yule, the Winter Solstice signalling the start of the official winter season in the Northern Hemisphere I thought now would be a good time to share my top five winter polishes. I have done similar blog posts in previous years 2019 (here), 2018 (here), 2017 (here) and 2016 (here).

Red Dazzle was the first polish I picked, would it be the festive season without a red? I thought a glitter would be really good, and I have had this for over five years so time to use it again!

W7 Red Dazzle

Nightshade is an almost black cream polish, while red and sparkle is nice for this time of year a dark polish is nice for new years, particularly with a glitter gradient.

Barry M Nightshade

For a glitter gradient I like using Born to Sparkle, it is a rose gold hex glitter with small standard glitter in a clear base.

OPI Born to Sparkle

And because it is nice to have something that isn't as in your face this season, French Rose, I think this would be a nice nude pink polish on someone with a darker skin tone than me but on me this is a dark enough polish that doesn't come off as nude. You could also use Born to Sparkle on top of this.

Barry M French Rose

Finally Let Your Love Shine is a beautiful glass flecked deeper red polish, this one is more traditionally festive than the Red Dazzle above. I haven't worn this polish nearly enough!

OPI Let Your Love Shine


19 December 2020

Nail Polish Battle 2020: Orange

I didn't have many orange polishes, I could easily eliminate one of the Barry M's as they are dupes for one another. The shade is nice for summer but I found myself reaching for it more over Halloween month.


My Italian is a Little Rusty is unique to my collection, it is a deep rusty toned orange which is nice for Autumn. 

Which means the winner is If You've Got it Haunt it, a mid toned orange holographic polish. I did try and come up with my own holographic orange over Halloween but it didn't come out as good as this one.