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20 March 2023

Nails: Top 5 Spring Polishes 2023

Today is the Spring equinox, and so I'm sharing my Spring 2023 nail polish picks.

I have done this type of post before which you can see 2022 here2021 here2020 here2019 here2018 here2017 here2015 here and 2014 here.

You don't need these specific polishes, but these are ones that I want to reach for during Spring. I seem to have gone for a mix of muted bright polishes this year.

Lemon Sorbet is a cream, light yellow polish, nice for spring nails.

Minty Fresh, has a white crelly base with blue metallic flakes. I've not worn this enough, it is light enough to be typically spring like but has the metallic flakes in to keep it from being plain.

Peony is new to my collection for 2023, it is a cream finish purple toned pink. Slightly darker than shown in the swatch.

Magpie a green crelly base with black matte glitter. The specific colour of this is reminiscent of actual magpie eggs.

Serendipity is described as a iridescent blue shimmer, its light enough not to be a bold blue more typical of summer. There is some purple in there too which elevates the polish from a plain shimmer.


14 April 2022

52 Week Nail Challenge 2022: Yellow

This week's prompt is 'Yellow' here is a link to my 2012 version, as well as the image below my 2022 version;

Middle Finger | Barry M - Banana Split
Ring Finger | Barry M - Lemon Sorbet
Little Finger | W7 - Sheer Lemon

Dotting Tool

2012 Version;


10 December 2020

Nail Polish Battle 2020: Green and Yellow

Today is a battle of green, yellow, nude, gold and silver. The hodgepodge of polish colours!

Choosing my top three wasn't too difficult in this category. First of all is Iced Latte, something I have been reaching for a lot for nail art.

Glowstick is very much a highlighter yellow, very bright and something I specifically had to go look for this year when I realised I didn't own a shade like this.

Which means that Jinx is the winner, another one I had to specifically look for as I almost used up my original GOSH Holographic. While this isn't a dupe it is pretty stunning all the same.


24 June 2020

Nails: Top 5 Summer Polishes 2020

Summer Solstice was on Saturday and so I thought I should get around to sharing my top summer polishes for 2020. These are the polishes from my collection I will be reaching for, if you don't have these exact ones then something similar would do.

If you are interested you can see my summer picks for 2019 here2018 here2017 here2015 here and 2014 here.

Lemon Sorbet is from this spring's Rainbow Reload collection, it is a more pastel yellow so a bit easier to wear than a brighter yellow such as Barry M Banana Split.

Miss Sporty Orange Crush, I don't know if Miss Sporty still exist as a brand but a coral polish is always good for summer. This one is somewhere between a pastel and a bright.

Orly Glowstick is a very new polish to my collection. While this is a yellow it is a straight up highlighter neon polish, unlike Lemon Sorbet. Neon's again are something which I am more likely to wear in summer than winter.

Danglefoot Bones, is another new polish to me. It is a very bright 'burple' colour with a fuchsia shimmer running throughout it. While this is great for summer I also think it would work in winter.

Kiko Cerulean Blue 295, isn't one I have worn in a long time which is a shame because it is nice. Cerulean Blue is a very bright, sky blue polish.


25 May 2020

Nails: Tribal

Base Polish | Barry M - Lemon Sorbet
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang - 002
Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary 097

Dotting Tool
Jelly XL Stamper


15 May 2020

Swatch: Barry M - Lemon Sorbet Gelly (Rainbow Reload Collection 2020)


Colour | Yellow
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Three Coats
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much | 10ml
Collection | Rainbow Reload (Sainsbury Exclusive)

Vegan | Cruelty Free

Comparisons and Dupes?

Banana Split | Lemon Sorbet | Mustard

Banana Split | Lemon Sorbet | Mustard

Banana Split | Lemon Sorbet | Mustard