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20 February 2022

Nail Polish Swatch: OPI - 7th and Flower (DTLA 2021 Collection)

Colour | Fuchsia
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats
How Much | 15ml
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
Collection | Downtown LA Fall 2021
Purchased From | QVC UK


6 September 2021

26 July 2021

Nail Art: Celestial Marble

Base Polish | Barry M - Sunburst
Sun Polish | UberChic - If You've Got it Haunt It
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 002
Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary 213


10 June 2021

Then and Now Throwback Nails: Red Skittle

Originally I did these nails in 2010, not difficult to recreate but I think I have improved my painting technique. I didn't still have the original polishes used but used similar ones.

Index Finger | OPI - My Wishlist is You
Middle Finger | Barry M - Hot Chilli
 Ring Finger | Ciate - Mistress
Little Finger | OPI - Gingers Revenge
Thumb | OPI - Adam Said "It's New Year's Eve"


23 April 2021

Nail Art: St. George's Day

I haven't done nails for St. George's Day in years but if you want to see those you can from 2013 here and 2012 here.

White Polish | OPI - Alpine Snow
Black Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 02
Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary L01

Striping Tape


23 March 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Pastel Polishes

This question is following on from the earlier topic Tuesday asking about pastel green polishes.

OPI Let's Be Friends! - Almost white but with a hint of pink.
Barry M Prickly Pear - A pastel lilac shade.
Barry M Sugar Apple - Very light green pastel polish.